Inspired by the simplicity of Neapolitan cuisine, Olio é Piu brings Italian tradition to the vibrant intersection where Sixth and Greenwich Avenues meet Christopher Street, in the heart of Greenwich Village.

Italian restaurant in the west village


An authentic trattoria, the restaurant specializes in classic Italian preparations, with a focus on house-made pastas and thin-crust Neapolitan-style pizza, as well as time-honored favorites such as caprese salad, fritto misto, and tiramisu.

Consistent with its aim of offering Italian cuisine in all its regional glory, Olio é Piu takes great pride in its pasta offerings, from stuffed and noodle-based pasta to gnocchi. The lineup changes according to the season, but carbonara and tagliatelle Bolognese are on the menu year-round as guest favorites. Olio e Piu uses only fresh pasta, much of which is made in-house.

Pizza is also a staple at Olio e Piu. From the start, Olio e Piu was committed to serving authentic Neapolitan-style pies using only the best ingredients—the best flour, the best yeast, the best mozzarella. The dough is hand-stretched, never rolled, and the toppings are very traditional. The same wood-fired oven that is used to make the pizzas are also used for Olio e Piu’s freshly baked homemade bread.


Chef Pedro Cruz has been executive chef of Olio e Piu since 2019. He grew up cooking with his sister in Puebla, Mexico; playing with ingredients like fresh herbs and making fresh tortillas. In 2002, Chef Pedro made his journey to New York City in pursuit of becoming a chef. Chef Pedro’s first job in the kitchen was making brunch, something he remembers as being a real culture shock. Early in his career, Chef Pedro met restaurateur Michael White, who in return became his mentor – challenging him and expanding his knowledge of all the different ways to be a chef. Along the way Chef Pedro met Chef Jerome Dihui and Chef Dominick Pepe from The Group, which led to Chef Pedro taking over the kitchen at Olio e Piu. Chef Pedro knows how important it is for him to be a leader in his new role, and is constantly changing and bettering himself to create a productive and creative work environment. Besides his time in the kitchen, Chef Pedro has always held education to a high standard. In 2015 Chef Pedro attended Columbia University, getting his master’s degree in language. Chef Pedro lives in NYC with his two daughters and is always on a quest to expand his knowledge in and out of the kitchen.


The best trattorias are the ones that create cherished memories, and don’t just provide great food; they also offer a cozy atmosphere that calls to mind festive family meals. Olio e Piu’s intention is to be simple but ambitious; to create a little slice of Italy in the heart of New York’s Greenwich Village. The aim was to give the restaurant the look and feel of an Italian trattoria and enoteca.

First opened in the summer of 2010, the 74-seat restaurant has a 45-seat open sidewalk patio surrounded by flowers and greenery, overlooking the magnificent Jefferson Market Library. With its open dining area, rustic interior, traditional wood-fired oven, and Italianate tableware (the hand-painted plates and bowls are custom made in Deruta, the hill town in Perugia famous for its ceramics), Olio é Piu offers its guests not just wonderful food, but a transporting experience. It is a piece of romantic old-world Italy on a fabled corner of Greenwich Village that makes you want to return over and over.

The meals shared in a family home are the heart of Italian cuisine, and therefore, Olio e Piu aims to provide an authentic experience that would call to mind a Sunday dinner prepared by nonna in her kitchen. Olio é Piu’s motto is “bringing the charm of Italian liveliness to NYC,” and whether you are coming for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, you feel a warm spirit the moment you step inside the restaurant.

The clientele is as diverse as the neighborhood itself. At lunch, it might be a grandmother treating her grandchildren to their favorite pasta before taking in a movie. In the evening people of all ages are meeting for a drink at the lively bar, and groups large and small breaking bread and sharing pizzas at the tables. Whoever you are and whatever time of day it is, there’s something for everyone at Olio é Piu.